What is Vegas Sensual Tantric Massage ?

The Vegas sensual tantric massage is a true treat for the senses. Your personal Vegas Masseuse uses an infusion of pure natural massage oil to soothe your daily tension, massaging you from your head to the tips of your toes. This full body massage is a combination of therapeutic massage, body to body stimulation and Tantric techniques. The focus of this particular massage is to increase your sensual energy and allow it to flow freely around your body. To knead your tired torso and bringing you to a height of ecstatic pleasure. All of your senses are aroused – some gentle, sensuous music will softly taking you to a place of bliss and harmony. The Vegas sensual tantric massage promotes reverence and worship of the recipient’s body, rather than the concealment of it.

Vegas sensual tantric massageIs it different from just Erotic Massage?

Unlike erotic massage which purely concentrates entirely on physical foreplay, the Vegas sensual tantric massage is about sensual communication. It is connection with another being emotionally and physically and fully enjoying the massage journey in which you will experience full sensual energy flow, complete relaxation and an incredibly intense and prolonged climactic experience. You are encourages to breathe slowly and deeply through the nose and exhale slowly through the mouth and visualization techniques can intensify your massage experience. Vegas Sensual Tantric Massage is emotionally healing and a very loving process. It is not goal orientated – sexual intercourse does not feature within the journey. And our clients who use Tantric Massage report increased sensations of wellbeing an even increased productivity in their daily lives. It is about bonding, pure intimacy and pleasure.

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Vegas sensual tantric massage.